Companies often use pre-employment testing tools.

  • 1. Drugs / Alcohol. Includes questionnaires and blood, urine and hair analysis testing. If you are turned down because of a positive drug test, ask if a validation test was done. If you are taking prescription or over-the-counter medication, indicate it prior to the test. It will point to positive results. Make certain that the employer is consistent in testing procedures.
  • 2. Psychological. Includes personality and career interest tests. Do not try to outwit the test. Be honest and truthful. Some questions by culturally biased. If you find many of these questions, discuss them openly with the recruiter. You may inquire if this test is constructed to reflect job success in the position you are seeking.
  • 3. Skills. Includes keyboard, mathematics and dexterity test.
  • 4. Honesty. Reliability / Dependability. Includes questionnaires and background checks.
  • 5. Assessment Centers. Various exercises simulate day-to-day (usually management) activities, including teamwork, conflict management, decision making and writing skills.
  • 6. "In" Basket. Type of skills test. Tip: go through the entire basket first and set priorities. You may find in a later direction that cancels a prior one.