Compensation Rules


Never ask about the salary! The company will discuss salary with you when appropriate. Usually reserved for the second interview or when there is a firm offer. You are in a better position to negotiate. Be realistic and flexible. Know their salary budgets and the market ranges. Companies want people who are interested in doing a good job for the company. When the offer is made, the following will help you negotiate a good compensation package:

  • 1. Is there a sign-on bonus or commission in addition to the salary?
  • 2. How often are reviews?
  • 3. Is the salary at or above what others are getting for the same or similar jobs and experience?


Company benefits are often worth from 25% to 50% or more of the cash salary offered and are important to consider:

  • 1. When am I eligible for each plan?
  • 2. Do I have a choice of the benefits available?


Everything can be negotiated after you have received an offer. Know the market and request their consideration in terms of salary, benefits and perks. Salaries may stay consistent, but sign-on bonuses, temporary housing, tuition reimbursement, personal time off, etc. can be added to a package. Never demand. It will show an unpleasant side of your personality that could rescind an offer.