Expressing Skills & Achievements Article:

Expressing Skills & Achievements

The following guidelines are important. Translate skills and achievements into action statements.

  • · Express skills with action verbs and industry key words to show benefits or results of the work you have performed. Express problems you have solved that lend punch and add variety to your resume.
  • · Quantify and qualify using statistics, percentages and numbers whenever possible.
  • · Include key words or nouns that specify areas of experience, e.g.: Team leader, Manager, Strategic Planning, MIS, Bilingual, Computer Software Skills, and Systems Analyst.
  • · Begin statements with actions that are followed by results: Increased company market niche and profitability by designing customer preference survey and focus groups. Supervised Ten focus interview teams to conduct focus groups of more than 350 people and 2,000 surveys. Analyzed data and presented results of 2,000 interviews to senior management.