Informational Interviews


Best way to research a company or industry and to make a positive first impression.

  • 1. Attempt to get a referral from someone who knows someone in the company or the hiring manager. Research the name of the hiring manager to ask questions about the company. This can be done by telephone calls or found on Web pages. Dispel expectations that you are seeking a job. You are seeking information, resources and referrals. Be on your toes, it is still a first impression.
  • 2. Organize questions to take a minimum amount of time. If time runs out, request another appointment or the name of another contact for additional information.
  • 3. Send a follow-up letter. Thank them for their time and information. Ask for additional referrals or leads that may be available. Find out if you can leave your resume with someone in the company.
  • 4. Keep your contacts informed of your progress.


  • 1. What skills or training are needed for this work?
  • 2. Are there special qualities or attributes that enhance entry-level job seekers?
  • 3. What are the career paths or advancement opportunities?
  • 4. How do my skills and experience fit into this industry?