Non-Verbal Language

Handshake: Always offer your hand; use firm but not crushing pressure.

Eye contact: Be natural as with any conversation. Avoiding eye contact is a sign of deception, disinterest, or lack of confidence.

Sitting: If a place to sit is not indicated, choose the chair closest to the interviewer; sit relaxed, but do not slouch. Leaning slightly forward shows interest, but never lean on the desk.

Gestures: Use hands naturally to emphasize a point. Do not cover your mouth, hold your head or twist your hands together.


They may be held to see how you handle a social situation. If there is a spill or other problem, stay calm and on track.

Order a non-alcoholic drink. You need to be in control.

Order a meal in the middle price range or follow the lead of the interviewer. Order something easy to cut, chew and swallow. You will be doing a lot of talking and may not even have time to eat. Do not smoke.