Visualize and rehearse the entire interview. Writing your answers in a practice session before you verbalize them is a powerful technique to make you more comfortable and effective.

  • 1. Determine marketable skills and be clear about your achievements.
  • 2. Research the company and the industry.
  • 3. Make a trial trip getting to the interview, if possible, to anticipate traffic or parking problems. If you are taking public transportation, allow time for delays.
  • 4. Be prepared for answering questions. Have short, summary type answers that begin with words like "Summarize for me……" or "Give me a brief recap of….." as well as specific details about….." Be concise, but not so brief that important information is omitted.
  • 5. Rehearse with others. Ask a mentor, member of your network, friend or family to ask you questions and actually go through several interviews. The more you tell your story, the more relaxed and adaptable you are. A tape or video recorder can give you valuable feedback.
  • 6. Facts about the company. Find information about the company and decide how you will use it in the interview. Include how your achievements fit the company objective.
  • 7. Questions you will ask. Asking questions shows your interest. The best questions are about the job, the company, expectations and other related areas.

WHAT TO TAKE TO THE INTERVIEW: extra copies of resumes, references, letters of recommendations, portfolios or work samples..